AFTERMATH "There Is Something Wrong"

by Sleaszy Rider

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Pie Hole
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Pie Hole Kicks Ass! Speaks TRUTHS! WAKE UP AMERICa, the government is ENEMY #1. We are lied to, LIARS! There is no election, it’s an illusion. No one is on our side! The wools being pulled over our eyes. Drugs are deafening our ability to see or care about the truth. Information is poisoned, our minds can’t make any sense of it. They’ve got us right where they want us.

Enemy now EXPOSED!!!!!!! We must FIGHT! Stockpile food, guns and ammo as the shits about to hit the fan. REVOLT!

Favorite Track: The whole Album kicks you in your ass....not a bad song on it.


the new album of American legendary technical crossover/thrashers AFTERMATH!


released March 15, 2019

2nd studio album, 25 years after their debut!!!


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